List of Stallions


Visit this section to find a wide variety of male horses from four years old.

List of Mares


We have a nice variety of mares for riding and for breeding.

List of Colts


In this section You will find Young male horses from 0 to four years old.

List of Fillies


Visit this section to find beautiful Young females mares from 0 to four years old.

List of Special Coat Color

Special Coat Color

Here You will find a wide variety of horses of special colours for sale.

List of Opportunities


In this secction You will find excellent Opportunities, excellent value for money. (Bargains)

Listado Caballos Castrados


In this section you will find geldings horses

Our Horses

We offer an extensive catalog of stallions, mares, colts and fillies, from all races and trained in one or more disciplines

Why Choose Us?

  • Satisfaction
    Responsibility, Confidentiality and Satisfaction

    We guarantee complete satisfaction through our experience in the sector. Our protocols guarantee the confidentiality of purchases and sales as well as ensuring the health of the horse.

  • Professionals
    Equestrian and veterinary experts

    We provide you with a team of professionals in the horse world to help you with your purchase. We also have a team of veterinary professionals to ensure all health processes.

  • Experience
    Over 20 years of dedication

    We've spent years raising, taming and selling horses. Our system of buying and selling is supported by hundreds of successful transactions. If you want a guaranteed purchase, we offer

  • Pure Bred Spanish
    Purebred Spanish Horses

    We have a extensive catalog of horses from all races, but especially Spanish purebred horses.


Very professional. It helped me a lot during the buying process and I had no problem.

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