The Spanish Horse - The Magic of Horse

Having told and analysed all this brief morphological examination of the Pure Spanish Breed Horse, I think that it can start to be understandable what a Spanish Horse is and which is its mystery.

It deals with a nature work of art, created for a concrete occupation, in a privileged region of Spain, Andalusia. Man, during many centuries, rode on it and demanded obedience, Mother Nature created the rest.

He rode on it, in activities, which demanded the maximum effort: war, house and handling of fighting bulls. This increased its physical force and its rusticity. The rider's added weight required it to shorten its back.

He demanded it blind obedience, since in all the above-mentioned activities was in danger the horseman's life. It maybe was demanded with somewhat bloody methods, but effective. The passage of centuries wrote across its genes, its submissiveness and a priviledged character.

Mother Nature dowered it with divine proportions and correct position of its legs. This is together with the expression of its face, mirror of a noble soul, bright mane and hair. Andalusian sun's condensation, complete its beauty.

If we add now its spectacular movement, consequence of its fast answer and will of doing of its muscular tone and above all for the fact of have always lived in rough lands with low mountains and rocky ground, we would have finished describing it.

Its features continue being the same repeated from Prehistory.

The presence of one of these "monuments" in movement produces to the human eyes such aesthetic pleasure that makes hair of people who contemplate them stand on end. This is the mystery of the Spanish Horse, this is its MAGIC.